A Photo Shoot with M-O from WALL-E

WALL-E M-O Photo Session

Geoff Boucher from the Hero Complex Film Festival has just posted some great photos of M-O (Wall-E). During the Film Festival (which had a matinee screening of Wall-E), Director Andrew Stanton promised to send Geoff some behind-the-scenes photos (UPDATED: Link removed as the LA Times link is no longer active) taken during the production of Wall-E.

The photos are of the reference model of M-O that the Pixar editorial department took to a Sears Portrait Studio. The album has M-O in various backdrops, such as when he was first born, on a fishing trip, at Thanksgiving and my (Julie’s) favorite, the classic early-to-mid 80s shot with the gray carpet and streaky background, while T.J. favors M-O as a painter. These photos are truly priceless!

WALL-E M-O Photo Session

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