Brave Blu Ray Cover Art and Release Date – November 2012

Brave Blu-ray Cover Art

As if you weren’t excited enough to catch Brave in theaters on June 22 – now you can add November to your list of dates to be excited for as well. PixarBlog (UPDATED: Link removed as it is no longer active) has posted a photo of another German ad (similar to the one last week that showed the released date for Shorts Volume 2) that shows the cover art for the Brave Blu-Ray as well as noting a release date of November 2012. Assuming that the U.S. and German release dates are the same (which I could only imagine Pixar would release it during November because of the holiday season)…mark your calendars!

UPDATE: Click to see more details on the Brave Blu-ray and DVD release date.

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  1. You have to think DVDs in average take 3 months to come out on DVD. In their country brave comes out in august, November is 3 months later. For us brave comes out in June so we should expect it in September.

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