Next Toy Story Short to be called Partysaurus?

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Film Blogs has posted details from a YouTube video (UPDATED: The video has been removed at the request of Pixar) with veteran techno/dance artist BT, that reveals some potential details for the next Toy Story Short. I can’t help but think that he wasn’t supposed to have said all of that!

In the video (starting at 1:17) BT says that “I wish I didn’t have to rush out of here, I’m in the middle of scoring a film for Pixar right now. It’s a short for Toy Story and I’m not allowed to say the whole story, but quite literally, it’s like a Toy Story rave – and I’m actually not kidding either. The toys get into all these shenanigans and it’s like pounding club music. So it’s really not very Pixar, but in a really hysterical way, everyone laughs really hard when they see it.

It is also speculated in an interview that BT does with Billboard that the short will be titled Partysaurus. This can only make someone assume that it will be starring our good pal, Rex!

So, assuming this is true (and I think it is), what do you think about the upcoming short? It sounds pretty hilarious to me — I could only imagine Rex’s worried look getting into a bunch of accidental mischief (at least that’s how my mind is seeing it at this point).

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