New Cars Short – Time Travel Mater – June 16

Time Travel Mater Screencap

The Disney Park Blog has posted a preview of the upcoming Car Toons short which will air on ABC on June 16 between 8:00 to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time – during this time, they will be showing the movie Cars. You can watch the premiere if you’re lucky enough to be at Disney California Adventure on June 15.

I was already laughing at this from the brief 32-second video so I can’t wait to see the entire short on June 16. One of my favorite things you’ll notice if you pay close attention is that when both Maters are on the screen at the same time…when the Mater on the right talks, the audio comes out of the right speaker and vice versa. I know this is a simple thing, but I love stuff like this – everything is thought out at Pixar!

Here is the official write-up from the Disney Parks Blog.

The movie “Cars” took us on an unforgettable road trip down Route 66 and dropped us off in Radiator Springs, the quaint little town that’s located on the famous Mother Road. But how did Radiator Springs come to be? Who rolled down an empty road and parked himself on that very spot, creating the place that would change Lightning McQueen forever? Mater knows. Check out this exclusive clip from “Time Travel Mater” and travel back in time with Mater to the beginning of Radiator Springs. Then tune into ABC for “Cars” on June 16 from 8-11 p.m./7-10 p.m. Central to see “Time Travel Mater” in its entirety. You’ll also be treated to a special tour of Cars Land by Larry the Cable Guy throughout the film. “Time Travel Mater” will debut here at the Disneyland Resort in Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure park beginning June 15. Enjoy!

UPDATED: You can watch Time Travel Mater on Disney+ here.

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  1. This will be the official third release from Pixar Canada behind \”Air Mater\” and \”Small Fry\”. After this release, Partysaurus is supposed to be the next release (at least that's all I've heard that's slated for now). Let us know if you have any more questions – always glad to help where we can! 🙂

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