Jacques and Linguini Fan Art – Digital Ink and Watercolor Series

Finding Nemo Jacques Fan Art

Somehow I always seem to gravitate towards the smaller supporting staff of characters in Pixar’s movies. Jacques is one of my favorite characters in Finding Nemo by far – there’s something endearing about the simplicity of him wanting everything to be clean. I find Guido from Cars to be the same way for me — it’s the simplicity of how he just wants to change tires that gets me. There’s an unsaid innocence in their simplicity.

Linguini is certainly not part of the supporting staff of characters but his goofy smile, large nose, and awkward laugh are great character highlights that I was drawn to.

Ratatouille Linguini Fan Art
Toy Story 3 – Fan Art
Peas in a Pod Toy Story 3 Fan Art

Toy Story 3 – Fan Art

Here’s another piece of fan art from my 30th birthday celebration!

Pixar Story/Animation Masterclass Tour 2012
Pixar New York VanArts Masterclass

Pixar Story/Animation Masterclass Tour 2012

Would you like to learn how Matthew Luhn (Head of Story at Pixar) creates magic

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