Monsters University "Imagined" Posters

Monsters University Fan Made Posters

Pixar fan, Luis Saguar, saw a photo of storyboard artist Jeff Pidgeon wearing a Monsters University shirt on the Pixar Corner blog and decided to do some extra work for Pixar fans. He re-drew the logo and pulled together what he imagined the Monsters University teaser posters would look like. I must say, I think these look great. You can read his full post on his blog, but in case you can’t read Portuguese, the translated text is below.

“Almost everyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of Pixar movies and the studio has a particular fondness for Monsters Inc.

Two weeks ago, visiting the Pixar Corner blog, I came across a picture where a staff member wore a T-shirt California studio’s production team of Monsters University. As an exercise, I decided to redraw the symbol printed on the shirt and make a series of three teaser posters for the animated film.

The illustrations of the faces of Sully and Mike were realized when Pixar announced the first images of movie production at D23 Expo, held in August 2011.

The result of this exercise, I decided to post here. Hope you enjoy it.

Take this opportunity to thank the dear Melissa Mattos (Hermana battle) and DanielaJost who helped me with the correct translation of the slogan that I decided to adapt for the first film. Gracias, chicas! 🙂

I would like to emphasize that this is just an exercise of a fan of the movie and the studio and that this work has no commercial character. The brands and characters depicted herein are the property of estúcios Disney / Pixar.

Hugs to all! And that 2013 will come soon! And along with it Monsters University!”

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