Holy CinemaCon 2012 Announcement – John Lasseter Opens The Floodgates Of News

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Tuesday afternoon (April 24) was a huge announcement day for Pixar at the CinemaCon 2012 festivities in Las Vegas, Nevada – John Lasseter unleashed a bevy of news at the event so let’s get right to it (sorted in order of release date).


Brave screening (June 22, 2012) & Finding Nemo 3-D trailer (September 14, 2012)

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Pixar screened the first 30 minutes of Brave to the audience (which was met with great feedback) as well as the 3-D trailer for the re-release of Finding Nemo. To kick off the viewing of Brave, John Lasseter didn’t wear his normal Hawaiian shirt, but instead donned a traditional Scottish look – yes, including the kilt.


Monsters University Preview (June 21, 2013)

The group was also shown a brief clip of the upcoming sure-to-be hit, Monsters University. Peter Sciretta of /Film posted this tweet regarding the clip.

SlashFilm CinemaCon Monsters University


The previously untitled dinosaur film will now be called The Good Dinosaur (May 30, 2014)

OK, let’s just get this out of the way – yes, a lot of other sites have been buzzing about this title and how they don’t favor it. Upon first glance, I’m not a fan of the title either, but no one knows for sure if that will be the final title, so at this point, I’m moving on. Lasseter also joked about how he was the only one at Pixar who liked the working title of “The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs.”

More importantly, this will be the feature film directing debut of Bob Peterson. As Pixar’s resident utility player, Bob has been an animator, story supervisor, voice actor, layout artist, and more within Pixar, so I’m really excited to see his debut. Image from Pixar Wiki.

The Good Dinosaur Original Logo


Pete Docter’s next film takes you inside the mind (June 19, 2015)

The announcement of the film isn’t new, but the newly announced release date is. Docter’s inventive new movie is said to take you to a place that everyone knows, but no one has ever seen – inside the human mind.

UPDATED April 17, 2013 – we now have official work from Pixar that Docter’s film will officially be titled Inside Out


Lee Unkrich’s next film will be centered around the bustling Latin American holiday, La dia de Los Muertos (the day of the dead) (Fall 2015 or Summer 2016).

Lee Unkrich announced his upcoming project on Twitter by posting this tweet.

Lee Unkrich CinemaCon Coco

Although this may sound morbid at first, it will certainly see how Pixar puts its magical spin on it. The day of the dead according to Wikipedia is, “a holiday that focuses on the gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where it attains the quality of a National Holiday, and all banks are closed. The celebration takes place on November 1–2, in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2). Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts. They also leave possessions of the deceased“.

We’re excited to see more of Lee’s work. What a great day for Pixar news.

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