Ember and Wade walk up a staircase

Elemental Screencap Shows Ember Looking a Bit Unsure

Another screencap from Pixar’s Elemental was revealed today showing Wade and a nervous Ember walking up a staircase.

Tucked away in a USA Today article about the “10 upcoming movies to watch in 2023,” a new screencap from Pixar’s Elemental popped up (spotted by Disney Animation Promos).

Slide 53 of the article’s photo gallery includes a new look at Wade (in his Windbreakers shirt) and an apprehensive Ember as they walk up a stairway. Ember appears in the same metal hoodie she has from the teaser trailer. Is Ember trying to minimize herself or trying to protect herself physically?

Ember and Wade walk up a staircase

We wondered about her safety. Since she is fire, could she be blown out by wind or extinguished with water? Maybe her metallic hoodie is offering some protection.

View more Elemental screencaps below.


Below is a collection of the additional officially released screencaps. We love the look of the nighttime image but can’t help but be drawn to the image revealed during the D23 Expo showing the duo with a lot of excitement on their faces.

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