Dug Days Short “Carl’s Date” Coming to Disney+ in 2023

The dynamic duo from Pixar’s Up will be in a new short called, “Carl’s Date” on Disney+ in 2023 – a continuation of the Dug Days series.
Dug Days Carl's Date

Carl and Dug from Pixar’s Up will star in the short “Carl’s Date” in 2023 – a continuation of the Dug Days Disney+ series.

Although a release date hasn’t been officially announced, a recent Disney+ promotional video on Pixar’s Twitter noted that the new short would come to the streaming platform in the coming year.

UPDATED SEPT, 2023 — You can now stream Carl’s Date on Disney+ (link to Disney Plus).


We are thrilled that Carl and Dug’s loving and hilarious relationship will continue as the two always leave us laughing or tearing up. This will be interesting to see how Carl navigates (what we assume will be) the dating scene and how Dug is involved. Will Dug interfere with Carl’s attempts to date, or will he push Carl towards love (in a way like the beginning of 101 Dalmatians)?

We also can’t help but wonder who will voice Carl due to Ed Asner’s passing on August 29, 2021 (just days before the September 1, 2021, Dug Days release date). Did Ed already record the vocal track for this episode, did Pixar compile his lines from previously recorded dialogue, or is someone new voicing Carl?

UPDATED: Director Bob Peterson updated on Twitter that Ed Asner did, in fact, record the lines for this session before he passed away. He said, “YES, the great ED ASNER recorded new lines for this episode before he passed. He did an amazing job.


Be sure to watch the existing five Dug Days episodes on Disney+, read our episode reviews, or watch our interview with Bob Peterson (voice of Dug and Director). Let us know your thoughts on the series – leave a comment below or chat about the news with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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