Lightyear Super7 SOX

Lightyear Supersize SOX From Super7 Unboxing and Review

Get a close look at this highly-detailed Super7 SOX collectible figure in our video review.

There’s no doubt that fans of Lightyear have fallen in love with SOX — the robotic cat that helps Buzz and the crew throughout the film. As we’ve been gathering as many SOX toys, plush, and apparel as possible, we were thrilled to see a life-sized version released by Super7 to add to our collection.

The limited edition Supersize SOX vinyl collectible (gifted to us by Super7) is truly a unique piece and will be proudly displayed with our other favorite Pixar-themed items.

Watch our detailed unboxing and review video as we closely examine everything from the exterior shipping box (listing his original name, Beta) to SOX’s toes and the barcode on his collar tag.



Below is a selection of images from the Super7 website.


You can pick up the limited edition Supersize SOX vinyl collectible figure on the Super7 website while it’s available.

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