‘Turning Red’ Teaser Reveals the Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg

Check out this new Turning Red promotional clip which reveals the location of the Pizza Planet Truck in the film.
Turning Red Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg

In a light-hearted Disney+ Turning Red teaser featuring Eli and Peyton Manning (of American football fame), there are a few new seconds of footage from the film. The new clip includes the exciting reveal of the Pizza Planet Truck easter egg.

The Pizza Planet Truck, along with the famed A-113 text, Pixar Ball, and a teaser for the next Pixar release (in this case, Lightyear) are the four main items fans search for in each Pixar film. Check out the video embedded below, read even more about Turning Red, and chat with other fans about the film in the Pixar Post Forum. We can’t wait to spot even more Turning Red easter eggs.

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