The Boy Band from ‘Turning Red’ Called 4*Town Launched a Real Website

A real website has launched in honor of 4-Town, the boy band from Pixar’s Turning Red. Watch a video and listen to a song clip from the band.
4-Town Website

One of our favorite marketing tactics for a film is when an element from the fictional world enters the real world. Much like the university website for Monsters University, a real website for 4*Town, the fictional boy band from Turning Red, just launched (via the Pixar Turning Red Twitter page). 

When you visit the site, you’re greeted with a short clip of the song “Nobody Like U,” with a video playing in the background. The tagline on the homepage invites us to “Come back to watch, listen, and become a true 4 Townie 4 eva!”

4-Town Band Members

We expect clips for many of the upcoming songs, links to music streaming platforms (e.g., Apple Music or Spotify), and maybe a music video or two will pop up. Additionally, we hope they take the site further and make it look like a real band site – featuring tour dates, band member bios, and more. 

Speaking of 4*Town songs, Pixar Post Forum user plantthe24 spotted some other 4*Town song titles on the U.S. Copyright website. The song titles, in addition to “Nobody Like U,” are “U Know What’s Up” and “1 True Love.”

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