‘Turning Red’ Red Panda Plush, Shirts, Pins & More Now on ShopDisney

Turning Red merchandise is now available at ShopDisney. Check out the red panda plush, t-shirts, blanket, pins and more.
Turning Red ShopDisney Red Panda Mei Plush

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the official launch of Turning Red merchandise at ShopDisney and the initial wave is packed with t-shirts, a blanket, pins, and, the adorable red panda mei plush. 

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We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite items here, but be sure to check out the entire line at ShopDisney.


Turning Red Mei Red Panda Plush from ShopDisney

The adorable Mei Red Panda Plush measures 18 1/8” H x 10 1/4” W x 16 1/2” L is the most movie-accurate version of the plush we’ve seen to date and retails for $34.99.


Turning Red Mei Panda Baseball Hat

This red panda kids baseball cap will turn heads and add some fun flair to your Disney parks visit, or, your visit to the red panda exhibit at your local zoo. The hat measures 10 1/2” x 7 1/2” x 5 1/2” and is priced at $24.99


Turning Red Blanket and Plush Bag

Snuggle up with this emotion-filled Turning Red blanket featuring Mei in human and panda form. The blanket measures 50″ x 50″ and once the blanket is removed, you can use the plush bag (11″ H x 15″ W) to store the blanket or other great accessories. The retail price is $39.99.

We also couldn’t help but notice these Turning Red-themed Mickey ears on one of the models for a t-shirt. We would assume that they will be released in the second wave of Turning Red merchandise — so, stay tuned.

Turning Red Mickey Ear Headband

Of course, there are other stores featuring great Turning Red merchandise now, so after you check out everything on ShopDisney, be sure to check out Box Lunch as well as Amazon for additional looks at books, toys, and more.


Turning Red Box Lunch Merchandise


Turning Red Amazon Merchandise

Be sure to also head over to the Pixar Post Forum thread all about Turning Red merchandise for additional looks at the Just Play brand figures and much more.

UPDATED: Some additional merch was posted to ShopDisneyUK as well – check out a few items below (which should land on the ShopDisneyUS site soon). Mei and her friends below are mini-plush, and the character playset was also included along with a fun bowl.

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