‘Ciao Alberto’ Continues the Story of ‘Luca’ in a Sweet and Funny Way (Review)

Ciao Alberto premiered today, continuing the story of Pixar’s Luca. Read our review and tell us your thoughts.
Ciao Alberto Review

As the credits for Luca started rolling and we wiped away the mistiness in our eyes, we couldn’t help but wonder what would come of the wonderful bond which grew between Alberto and Massimo. And, whatever happened as Luca went off to school with Giulia?

Well, Ciao Alberto, which premiered on Disney+ Day (November 12, 2021), picked up right where we wanted.

While the main focus of the short is Alberto’s journey in Portorosso, it’s great to hear a brief update from Luca in a series of letters the boys mail back and forth. Alberto shares that “life in Portorosso is awesome,” and it seems that he’s figured the town out – but not necessarily his relationship with Massimo.

Ciao Alberto boat screenshot

Is Alberto an employee of Massimo’s? Is he family? And, why won’t Massimo speak up more?

Although we don’t want to give away the main plot of the approximately six-and-a-half minute short (with credits), it’s safe to say that we loved it. Ciao Alberto expands the story the way a short film should – it gives a brief glimpse into the world of the characters explored in the feature film and leaves you wanting more.

Be sure to watch Ciao Alberto on Disney+ now and enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the short with Director McKenna Harris.

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Ciao Alberto Soundtrack Cover

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It’s also fantastic news that Dan Romer (who also scored Luca) worked on Ciao Alberto. Even better is that the score for Ciao Alberto is available today as well — listen on Apple MusicAmazon, or Spotify.

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