Luca Complete Score and Soundtrack

Listen to the Pixar ‘Luca’ Soundtrack and Score Combined (Dan Romer & Classic Italian Songs)

Listen to the complete Disney Pixar Luca soundtrack and score — combining Dan Romer’s score and the classic Italian songs!

If you’re like us, you couldn’t help but be wowed by the soundtrack and score for Pixar’s Luca. We absolutely loved how Dan Romer’s score blended with the classic Italian pop and operatic songs. The music paired against the visuals made Luca such a standout film that we wanted to create a playlist to share that had all of the Italian songs blended with the score (in their proper order from the film).

Luca Complete Score and Soundtrack

For fun, we also included a version of Reveille, the bugle wake-up call that Giulia hilariously uses to wake up Luca and Alberto when they sleep in her outdoor hideout.

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