Breaking — ‘Luca’ to Release June 18 Exclusively on Disney+

Pixar’s Luca will be released on Disney Plus on June 18, 2021 — read about the details in our post.
Luca on Disney Plus June 18

Pixar’s upcoming summer-sea-monster adventure film, Luca, has just been announced to be released on June 18, 2021, exclusively on Disney+. (Luca was previously noted as June 2021 without a mention of a specific release date or location.)

In much the same way as SoulLuca will be released on Disney+ without having to pay for Premiere Access (a $30 one-time payment that unlocks the film early from the general release on Disney+).

While this is exciting news that we only have to wait less than three months to watch Luca, we do wish that the film could have been released in theaters at launch as well. But, don’t fret too much — we have no doubt that Soul and Luca will be re-released for fans to be able to view in theaters at a future date.

Note that for international markets where Disney+ is currently not available broadly, Luca will be released in theaters (though theatrical release dates have not been broadly announced.

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