‘Inside Pixar: Foundations’ Offer a Look at How Pixar Films are Made – Available on Disney+ March 26

a new 5-episode group of Inside Pixar episodes have been released on Disney+ today, March 26 – read the episode list and our thoughts.
Inside Pixar Foundations on DisneyPlus

The next batch of Inside Pixar episodes are now available and this time you’ll get an intimate look at what it takes to make a Pixar film. Titled Foundations, this five-episode set is narrated by comedian, actress, and the voice of Cruz Ramirez in Cars 3, Cristela Alonzo and is exclusively on Disney+ as of today March 26, 2021. 

Cristela does a great job of narrating and injecting humor throughout. In fact, the episodes have a ton of humor throughout — you’ll love them. Watch for all the silly moments in the Animation and Acting episode.

This grouping of profiles offers a different take on the prior episodes. To this point, the episodes focused on an employee and their specific role. This set of episodes takes more of a focus on the departments and people in those teams who use their skills and tools to craft a Pixar film. It’s another great set of episodes that offer a look “Inside Pixar.”

Directed by Erica Milsom (director of Loop) and Tony Kaplan (cinematographer) Inside Pixar episodes offer insight into the personal and cinematic stories and provide an insider perspective into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios. You can watch the trailer for Foundations below and then check out the entire Inside Pixar series on Disney+.

111 – Foundations: Recipe for a Movie How exactly are animated films made using computer graphics? Pixar’s creative minds introduce and break down how a movie is made through understandable explanations using metaphors and examples.

112 – Foundations: Creating Characters From cars to fish to toys to superheroes, Pixar characters have unique personalities, designs, and traits. Join Pixar’s character artists and designers as they break down the process of developing a new character from the initial artwork and design, all the way to getting it ready for animation.

113 – Foundations: Through the Lens Camerawork is just as crucial in animation as it is in live-action. Pixar’s layout artists explain the craft behind camera and staging, showcasing how camera positioning enhances emotion within a story.

114 – Foundations: Animation and Acting Animation brings characters to life by making them move, feel, think, and talk. Pixar animators take us through the artistry of how they breathe life into characters authentically and explain the importance of acting (and eyebrows) in their craft.

115 – Foundations: Color, Light, and Emotion Light and color are essential in conveying the time of day, creating unique worlds, and even evoking emotion. Pixar lighting directors and artists reveal how they illuminate a scene and most importantly, how they utilize light and color for everything from terrifying twists to signature Pixar tearjerkers.

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