Watch How we Created Our ‘Onward’ Chalk Art – Details on How to Share Yours Too!

Watch us have some fun as we create chalk art of Ian and Barley from Pixar’s Onward on our driveway.
Ian and Barley from Pixar's Onward Chalk Art

Just like all of you, we’ve been staying put and keeping busy working from home, tackling our new homeschool life, and, of course, staying creative. Recently, we decided to spread a little cheer in our neighborhood by creating Pixar (and Disney) themed chalk artwork on our driveway and sidewalk.

With the recent release of Onward on Disney+, we decided that Ian, Barley, and Dad (Wilden) were the best characters to be showcased upon our driveway. Our inspiration came from the artwork done by Nick Balian (and the Disney Storybook Art Team) from the Onward Little Golden Book. While we did take some creative liberties, such as Barley’s t-shirt transforming into more of a tank top (we ran out of black chalk and still needed to outline quite a bit), and the use of forced perspective with Ian’s arm was a bit tough using chalk!

With each chalk drawing, we always sketch it out on paper first, which allows us to have a general idea of the direction we want our chalk art to go. We start with a lighter shade of chalk to sketch it on the pavement and then bring it to life with all the shades Crayola has to offer. Watch below to see our Onward sidewalk chalk artwork come to life.

Have you created any Pixar chalk art at your home? We’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us on our social media channels so we can see your own creations and share them with other fans.

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