Director/Comedian Kevin Smith Overcome with Emotion While Watching ‘Onward’

Kevin Smith overcome with emotions watching Pixar's Onward

It’s inevitable when you watch a Pixar movie, there are bound to be tears flowing at some point in the film. In Pixar’s latest film, Onward, based on director Dan Scanlon’s personal story of losing his own father when he was just a year old, and his brother was 3-years old, the tears began to roll for us from the early cassette tape scene to the brotherly companionship, and all the way to the gut-wrenching finale.

Recently, director/comedian Kevin Smith shared a Facebook video of himself overcome with emotion while watching Onward, declaring the film “unbelievably great!”

“It made me miss my dad, made me want to call my mom. It made me want to call my brother in such a big bad way like I told my brother the last time I saw him when I was in Florida, like everything I think is funny in life, like comes from him. Because he’s my older brother, so he saw things he thought were funny, and he’d laugh, and I’d be like ‘why is that funny?’ and then I’d laugh, and those same f-ing things set the tone for the rest of my life.”

The 13-minute long video is an absolute gem, as Smith shares his thoughts on other films he’s been watching during this quarantine period, he manages to continue to be overwhelmed with emotion from Onward and can’t help himself from showing the film the love it deserves — additionally sharing that you’ll need a whole box of kleenexes!

Watch the video embedded below. Please note that the video does feature strong language.

Onward is now available for streaming on Disney+

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