Show Your Excitement For New LEGO Ideas Ratatouille Set

Do you love LEGOs? A new Ratatouille-themed set has the potential to be sold in stores and you can help.
Ratatouille LEGO Project

Calling all LEGO fans, a new Pixar LEGO set needs your help to come to life — This incredible recreation of Gusteau’s restaurant showcases numerous mini-figure characters, hidden features, and detailed stickers that will no doubt charm any Pixar fan.

Crafted by builder Brickproject_7540, the proposed set calls for over 2,800 bricks, which according to typical LEGO sets of that same size would retail approximately $129.99–$149.99. If you recall, back in September 2015 director Angus MacLane had his LEGO WALL-E set come to life and sold in LEGO stores. For comparison, the LEGO WALL-E set retailed for $50.00 and featured 677 bricks.

We’re thrilled that the voice of Remy himself, Patton Oswalt shared his excitement over the proposed set. Even Ratatouille‘s director, Brad Bird, is using Twitter to urge fans to vote for the set — let’s vote and get this fun LEGO set to be produced for Ratatouille fans everywhere.

If you are not familiar with LEGO Ideas, projects must obtain 10,000 votes from the LEGO community in order to make it to the next phase of potential production. Currently (as of September 17, 2019), this set has 4,385 votes — Register on LEGO Ideas to cast your vote now.

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