Amazing ‘Toy Story 4’ Mattel Flip-Ball Promo Toy Unboxing (Action and Mini-Figures)

Check out this amazing “Toy Story 4″ themed flip ball promotional box for the 7” line of Mattel Toy Story toys.
Toy Story 4 Mattel Flip Ball Toy Review

When Toy Story 4 toys hit shelves in May, we consistently have been on the hunt for the best looking, most fun, or just-plain-cool toys from the film. Well, we recently found out that Mattel was going to send us a surprise package to unbox and share with our readers/viewers. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the Grand Basin Days-themed carnival game box that we received featuring eight of Mattel’s poseable figures from the movie, as well as a few of the blind-bag mini-figures as well.

Although the post is sponsored, this in no way has skewed our thoughts about the toys. Our whole family truly enjoyed this line of toys — from the ease of playability in our Son’s hands (due to the size) to the bright colors and durability, you can tell this line is made for kids to get their hands on them and play, play, play.

This themed box is set to look like the Grand Basin carnival that Buzz, Woody, and the whole gang stop at on their way to a camping trip. The box features a game of Flip Ball, which allows you to toss ping pong balls to win prizes…the best part is that the prizes are Mattel’s Toy Story 4-themed characters. Watch our deep-dive look at this box on our YouTube channel as we talk all about the line of toys. You can see even more Mattel toys online and in stores near you. Thank you again to Mattel for sending us this amazing set to unbox!

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Purchase the Mattel 7-inch series of characters (or the blind-bag minis) on Amazon. We included some additional links below to our favorites of the bunch, including the newly released Gabby Gabby (not shown in the video), the Forky with Duke Caboom 2-pack, or even the Forky with Karen 2-pack. Outside of that, you can’t go wrong with Bo Peep, Slinky, and the Aliens — heck, all of them are pretty darn great.

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