Games, Crafts & Activities Galore in The Official ‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Magazine

The official Toy Story 4 movie magazine is now on newsstands. Check out a preview and read about everything inside.
Toy Story 4 Movie Magazine Activity Book

On newsstands and online now, you can check out the fun-filled Official Toy Story 4 Movie Magazine published by Topix Media Lab.

The magazine offers a look at some fun facts about the characters, the sets of the film (like Tinny’s place), and even has quizzes, mazes, DIY Forky instructions, and much more. We can’t share pictures of the actual pages since each page has a spoiler on it — check out our description below. If we were to summarize it, we’d say it would be a blend of the DK Essential Guide books and an activity guide.

Our Son’s favorite part was all the activities that he could do (across the 34-page magazine). It was nice that the pages were also matte printed (not glossy), so using a pencil to fill in the activities was easy. We also really enjoyed the two-page spread of at-home carnival game ideas to set up and enjoy with friends — like a ring toss game, a “guess the number of candies in the jar” game, or even a prize-punch game using red Solo cups with tissue paper over them (the prize can be grabbed by punching through the tissue paper). 

The magazine also comes with an approximately 2.5″ star maze toy (in the small bag on the cover) that would be something like you’d get in a prize-bag at a birthday party. 

Pick up the magazine in the U.S. or Canada at Walmart, Target, Kroger, and more for $11.99 — or pick it up online (Updated – link removed, the magazine is no longer offered for sale via the manufacturer). Thank you to Topix Media Lab for sending us a copy so we could check it out in person — kids who enjoy game, craft, and activity books are sure to enjoy the magazine.

Pixar Post — T.J.

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