Watch Forky Emerge from Bonnie’s Backpack in New ‘Toy Story 4’ Clip “Meet Forky”

Watch new Toy Story 4 clip titled, Meet Forky.
Toy Story 4 Forky in Bonnie's backpack

Do you remember making crafts at school? Perhaps you’re a parent, and your child brings home their unique artistic creations. Well, in the latest Toy Story 4 clip titled, Meet Forky, the toys meet Bonnie’s new friend from school — a spork, named Forky.

The already fan-favorite character, Forky, is quietly introduced to the gang by Woody in a scene that mirrors a new baby introduction. As Woody reassures Forky to emerge from Bonnie’s backpack, the gang gets their first look which draws an audible gasp. With Woody cradling Forky and setting him down, Rex blurts out “look how long his arms are”! A quote which we found to be similar to kids saying silly things when they meet their new baby sibling.

Bonnie's toys in Toy Story 4

However, we feel this clip may showcase the quietest Forky will be. As we’ve viewed in the released trailers and multiple toys (now available in stores), Bonnie’s art and craft project is anything but quiet!

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