Additional Details From Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy Discussed in Recent Disney Christmas Special

Details about the Cars-themed experience at Hollywood Studios, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, were revealed during a Disney Christmas Special.
Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy animation process with Tasha Sounart

Last week, during the Disney Parks Presents a 25 Days of Christmas Holiday Party television special, a few minutes were dedicated to sharing new details about the upcoming, “Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy” experience opening at Hollywood Studios (Walt Disney World).

Racing Academy Show Director, Tony Giordano, shared some fun facts and noted —

“[Lightning McQueen is] actually going to be there, live and in-person to teach us (the rookie racers) how to be great racers. he’s opened up this facility and the coolest thing is this giant screen (almost two-stories tall and 205 feet long and it wraps around you. The visuals are incredible, the sound’s amazing, and it’s a brand new Cars story no one has seen before.”

Jaw Ward discusses Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy

Jay Ward noted some of the base details about the story setup as well.

“After a record 7 Piston Cups, Lightning McQueen has decided to share his race-winning knowledge with us, the upcoming rookies. However, when things don’t go according to plan, McQueen has to think quickly, rely on teamwork and his friends to make it across the finish line.”

Along with the updated story details, we also learned from Tasha Sounart (Associate Creative Director Pixar – Theme Parks) that the ride will contain all new animations of Lightning and his friends who cheer him on as he’s racing. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy will open in the spring of 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios — we can’t wait to learn from the best race car around!

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