Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy to Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios March 31, 2019

Creative Dir of Cars Franchise, Jay Ward explains how the show Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy will have plenty of humor and a good teamwork message
Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy

Set to open on March 31, 2019, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios,  Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy is sure to have Cars fans cheering. Guests will watch as Lightning McQueen shows off his years of training using a brand-new, state-of-the-art racing simulator with a few familiar friends in tow — and of course, high-tech hijinks ensue.

Racing Academy Show Director, Tony Giordano, shared, “[Lightning McQueen is] actually going to be there, live and in-person to teach us (the rookie racers) how to be great racers. He’s opened up this facility, and the coolest thing is this giant screen (almost two-stories tall and 205 feet long, and it wraps around you). The visuals are incredible, the sound’s amazing, and it’s a brand new Cars story no one has seen before.”

In a new teaser video (embedded below), Creative Director, Pixar Cars Franchise, Jay Ward explains,“Lighting McQueen Racing Academy is the first time we’ve ever had an intimate experience with Lighting McQueen in a theater-like atmosphere. There’s plenty of humor, and fun, and action, but at the same time, I think there is also a good message about what it means to be able to work together as a team.”

After the show, guests will have the chance to take a photo with Cruz Ramirez as she makes her comeback to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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