Andrew Stanton: Clues to a Great Story (VIDEO – TED Talks)

Pixar Andrew Stanton Story TED Talk

Andrew Stanton recently spoke at TED2012 — there he explained his personal story in a very unique way. This is a top Pixar artist/director/writer (a genius mind), and he showed us how to engage an audience, how to invoke emotions, and how to tell stories that infuse wonder…we learn this simply by listening to his personal story.

This nearly 20-minute video is such a wonderful insight into one of the greatest storytellers at Pixar (and of all time, in our opinion). With that being said, you must first know that Andrew Stanton is a legend of sorts in our home. Both Finding Nemo and WALL•E are in heavy rotation in our Blu-Ray player. His amazing storytelling abilities have made a lasting impression on our hearts, through his seamless guidance in animation, character development, and flawless lighting/shading techniques, we are captivated, and always leaves us wanting more.

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