FREEZE! Watch New Clips from ‘Incredibles 2’ as the Countdown to the Theatrical Release Nears — Including Fun Facts from the Film

New clips from Incredibles 2 and Fun Facts have been revealed as the countdown to the films theatrical release nears.
Incredibles 2 Frozone Scene

As the theatrical release for Incredibles 2 nears (opening June 15), the marketing for Pixar’s 20th feature film has definitely amplified. This week the studio released a few 15-second clips featuring new footage and humorous moments from the film with a tagline stating “all will be revealed Friday” — now that’s exciting!

In addition to the new clips, a list of Fun Facts from the film has been released. If you recall back in April during our Press Days at Pixar Animation Studios we shared a few technical details and fun facts that we learned from our visit, for example, you may have seen a raccoon in a few of the film’s advertisements and toys — this character (and interaction with Jack-Jack) was actually an idea Brad had for the first film but was cut since much of it wasn’t technically possible in at the time.

The newly released Fun Fact list (shown below) includes several new and interesting insights into Incredibles 2 that will only ignite your excitement for the film’s release in just three short days!


  • BABY STEPS – For both “The Incredibles” and “Incredibles 2,” filmmakers studied real-life babies to capture baby Jack-Jack’s movements. 
  • DADDY DOLDRUMS – In “Incredibles 2,” Bob finds that keeping up with three kids, including a toddler with newly revealed super powers, is challenging—and tiring. Filmmakers strategically dressed the character to reflect his state of mind. The more tired Bob gets, the more grays and beiges he wears. And as he begins to take charge again, his wardrobe reflects his newfound confidence. 
  • BIG FISH – The design of billionaire businessman Winston Deavor went through many iterations before filmmakers determined that the character’s determination and drive was reflective of a shark. Winston’s look took on sharp angles, and the slant of his forehead resembles a shark fin. He even wears a sharkskin suit. 
  • PURRFECT – Winston’s super-smart sister Evelyn has the same tilt to her eyes that Winston sports, but artists chose a different animal to inspire her look. The character was often compared to a cat who is laidback, confident and comfortable wherever she goes. 
  • RIBBIT – Artists were challenged when writer-director Brad Bird created a wannabe Super character, Reflux, whose super power is to heave hot lava. Making the character appealing was a huge challenge until artists turned to the frog for inspiration. 
  • SIX PACK – All of the original characters were enhanced for “Incredibles 2” due to advances in technology that allowed filmmakers to achieve the looks they originally designed. Frozone’s upgrades included an admirable set of ab muscles. 
  • WELCOME BACK — Oscar®-winning composer Michael Giacchino returns to the world of the Incredibles with a new score for “Incredibles 2.” His memorable score for “The Incredibles” is perhaps even more memorable since it was his first-ever feature-film score. 
  • 1 OPEN BOOK — When production designer Ralph Eggleston and several members of the art team traveled to Palm Springs to soak up the area’s architecture for inspiration for the look of “Incredibles 2,” they were treated to a tour of several mid-century-modern homes. The team was particularly excited to see that most of the homes they visited had a familiar book on the coffee table: “The Art of The Incredibles.” 
  • MOVING DAY – Artists designed a new home for the Parr family, whose house was destroyed at the end of the first film. But story changes called for a much bigger, much more extravagant home for the Parrs, so designers went back to the drawing board, creating a 38,000 square-foot house that features multiple rooms, unusual architectural features, over-the-top gadgets, water features and a floor that moves like a sliding puzzle. (The home originally designed for the Parrs did ultimately make the film. In the final minutes of “Incredibles 2,” we see a key character emerge from what is now his home).

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