Get a Closer Look at the ‘Incredibles 2’ Bears at Build-A-Bear & Watch Along as we Build Two [In-Store Video Review]

Check out our video review of the Incredibles 2 themed bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop – we built two bears and share our video!
Build-A-Bear Incredibles 2 Red Bear Collage

When Pixar films are released, we always look forward to exploring the many products which allow for fun and interactive play — as well as products that might just look good on a collector’s shelf. Build-A-Bear recently released an Incredibles-themed bear that fits the bill of an interactive creation experience and a cuddly new friend, too.

Build-A-Bear often has a Pixar-themed line and in the past, we’ve adored the Finding Dory and Monsters University lines. Where those lines allowed folks to create Dory, Nemo, Mike or Sulley, the Incredibles 2 theme takes the core of the Build-A-Bear line — the bear — and offers an “incredible” twist.

Build-A-Bear Incredibles pajamas, glory days sound and red bear

Of course, you can build your bear utilizing any of the outfits in the store, but we’re partial to the Incredibles-themed clothing and accessories for the all-red bear. You can even add some music to your bear which will play The Incredibles iconic song, “Glory Days” every time you give your bear a squeeze.


  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles Bear, $28, plus tax CeleBEARate the Disney•Pixar “Incredibles 2” super-sequel by making your own Incredibles Bear! This action-packed furry friend has bright red fur with the Incredibles logo on its chest and paw pad. You can also add an Incredibles costume, sleeper or hoodie to your furry friend for more fun. Put your powers to the test and face any nemesis that comes your way with your own Incredibles Bear! 
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles Sleeper, $12.50, plus tax 
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles Costume, $16, plus tax 
  • Disney•Pixar Incredibles Jack-Jack Hoodie, $10.50, plus tax 
  • Disney•Pixar ‘Glory Days’ Song Sound Chip, $7, plus tax

Watch our video review below as we were lucky enough to have Build-A-Bear welcome us to the store to build two special Incredibles bears. While we were in the store, we started calling them the Incredibears, but officially they are the Disney•Pixar Incredibles Bear!

Build your Incredibles 2-themed bear or search for your local store at the Build-A-Bear website.

What do you think of the Incredibles-themed bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop? Leave a comment below.

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