‘Coco’ Climbs to the Top of the Box Office While Continuing to Impress Audiences & Critics

Coco topped the Thanksgiving box office totals as it continues to mount successes.
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Pixar’s Coco continues to soar as the film took the top spot during the 5-day Thanksgiving domestic box-office weekend with $72.9 Million. With the film’s impressive opening in Mexico and the astounding statistic of becoming the top-grossing film of all time in Mexican theaters, Coco is positioned to continue its successful run.

The skeletal film also saw another success in China as the movie had the highest-grossing 3-day opening weekend tally of any previous Pixar release at $18.2 Million.

Currently, at $157.5 Million worldwide (from Box Office Mojo) the film is also set (according to the official Walt Disney Company site) to release next week in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Thailand, Panama, and Peru.

Miguel Coco Character Art

In addition to the monetary successes the film has seen, audiences and critics have equally sung praises about the story, animation, and details behind the movie.

Labeled as “Hollywood’s Benchmark”, Cinemascore, (which polls moviegoers leaving theaters) noted that the film pulled an “A+” rating with audiences and Rotten Tomatoes has certified the film as “Fresh” with a 96% rating. The National Board of Review also named Coco the “Best Animated Feature” of 2017.

We likewise rated the film highly and were taken by the film’s beauty (visually and in the story). The messages about family and reaching for your dreams resonated with us and have had a similar sentiment among Pixar fans in the forum as well (with an overall rating of 9.6 out of 10 in our poll as well).

We look forward to continued success for the film and would like to once again extend our congratulations and gratitude to the Pixar team which crafted Coco. Let’s not forget that the film originally faced criticism as many on the internet wrote the concept off, saying it was a knockoff of Book of Life — we think those claims can finally be set aside.

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