For Your Consideration: Pixar’s ‘Coco’ and ‘Cars 3’ – Including a Best Picture Note

The Disney Awards site is noting that Cars 3 and Coco are being put forth by the company to let voters know their interest for awards season.
Cars 3 Coco For Your Consideration

Awards season buzz is brewing. Although the 90th annual Academy Awards aren’t set to air until March 4, 2018, the Disney Studio Awards website has launched with Cars 3 and Coco on the shortlist of films the company would like to be considered for award contention. Of course, the Academy Awards aren’t the only awards the “For Your Consideration” website is set up for, but they are the primary focus.

If you have any doubt of the emotional power we can expect in Coco, the film has been put forth in twelve categories, but most telling is the inclusion of the Best Picture category. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the film will be nominated for Best Picture, but it directly displays the familial and cultural strength of the film.

Check out the full list of categories and nominees below for both films. But, what about the short film, Lou? Typically around mid-to-late November, the Academy will release their list of short films and we have our fingers crossed that the film will be among that list (we’ll update you as we learn more).


For Your Consideration Cars 3


For Your Consideration Coco

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