Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster Ride Vehicle Arrives at Toy Story Land in Disney World

The Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster ride vehicle recently arrived at Disney World for inclusion in Toy Story Land (set to open in 2018).
Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle

Partnered alongside National Slinky Day, Disney revealed a first look at the ride vehicle for the family-friendly coaster, Slinky Dog Dash as it arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. Toy Story Land is set to open in the Summer of 2018 and this ride car looks so great, we can’t help but get excited.

Toy Story Land will allow guests to feel as if they have been transformed into toys set in Andy’s backyard. The newly themed area will feature two attractions, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers.

The Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicles will appear stretched as Slinky sends riders dipping and turning throughout the duration of the family coaster. The storyline for the second attraction, Alien Swirling Saucers will showcase a play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, with the Aliens flying around in toy saucers trying to avoid capture of “The Claw”.

Watch the video below as the Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicles “spring” into Disney’s Hollywood Studios as Buzz Lightyear and the gang help with the grand reveal.

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