Pixar Animation Studios Tour with Sets Modeling Artist, Nick Pitera (with Potential Coco / Toy Story Easter Egg)

Nick Pitera took fans on a tour of Pixar Animation Studios recently and guided fans through many coveted areas of the studio
Nick Pitera Pixar Tour

In case you missed it, last Friday, Pixarian Nick Pitera (Sets Modeling Artist) held a live stream on the Disney YouTube channel offering fans a chance to have a choose-your-own-adventure tour of Pixar Animation Studios.

The twenty-one-minute tour meandered through many coveted areas of the main Steve Job Building and included a few fun facts along the way. Of the many areas chosen by viewers, Nick guided the cameras into one of the recording booths, the animation department, studio store, and even John Lasseter’s office.

One particular area that stood out to us was a pair of Buzz and Woody piñatas in the upper-right hand corner when Nick was walking through the hallway of the Coco production team. Is this an early indication of an easter egg we should be keeping an eye out for in the film? That could be a fun way to incorporate and hide characters from previous, and even future Pixar films.

Buzz and Woody Coco Pinata

What did you think of the live-stream? Were there areas that you wanted to see that weren’t shown – if so, what were they? (Leave a comment below.)

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