Lee Unkrich’s Impromptu Twitter Q&A Session Showcases His Excitement For ‘Coco’

Lee Unkrich recently engaged his Twitter followers in an impromptu Q&A session about Coco – read our summary of insights here.
Lee Unkrich Coco Twitter

This past week (October 9) while experiencing travel delays, director Lee Unkrich decided to take part in an impromptu question-and-answer session on Twitter – similar to one director Andrew Stanton held earlier this year prior to the release of Finding Dory. Though Unkrich was unable to reveal detailed information about his upcoming film, Coco, he did share some other Pixar fun facts from Toy Story 3 and more. Below is a summary of some of Lee’s most intriguing responses.



In total, Lee answered 73 questions over the 42 minute Q&A session with topics ranging from Pixar Animation Studios highlights to various film-related inquiries.

What happened to spark our interest was Lee’s mention of having visited various cities in Mexico — as they could ‘possibly’ be locations that the Coco team traveled to for research. While the news of Coco is still in the early stages, the mention of longtime Pixar composer Thomas Newman being a favorite of Lee’s was intriguing — was he merely recognizing the composer, or was he throwing a nod that Thomas could be selected as the composer for the film?

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