‘Finding Dory’ News – Get Your Daily Dose of the Adorable, Baby Dory & Insights regarding Gerald

Watch this adorable clip of Baby Dory from Finding Dory and read additional insights into the wacky side character, Gerald.
Baby Dory with Parents

If you’ve seen Finding Dory, you’ve certainly fallen for the adorable baby Dory (voiced by Sloane Murray – Producer, Lindsay Collins’ daughter). With her giant eyes, sweet voice, and fantastic character design, she’s an instant “aww” moment in theaters.

Baby Dory Screencap

Check out the latest clip released yesterday on Pixar’s YouTube channel featuring Baby Dory getting ready to play hide-and-seek with her parents, Jenny (Diane Keaton) and Charlie (Eugene Levy).

In addition to the Baby Doryclip, USA Today also chatted with Director, Andrew Stanton noting some great details surrounding the water and kelp in the film, as well as insights into the bucket-holding sea lion, Gerald.

The article notes that Bob Peterson (voice of Mr. Ray and Pixar veteran) created the ridiculously hilarious character — Stanton noted, “Bob’s kind of the Gary Larson of the group, bringing The Far Side element to our special sauce”. In the story room and in brainstorming sessions you often hear of Bob’s impact crafting wacky and hilarious characters — the now fan-favorite, Gerald, is no exception.

With a fantastic collection of new characters to choose from, who would you say is your favorite new addition to the film (yes, Baby Dory counts even though it’s still Dory)?

Finding Dory Gerald Bucket

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