Exclusive: How ‘Piper’ Was Crafted To Perfection – Our Interview with Director, Alan Barillaro & ‘Finding Dory’ Review (Podcast Ep #48)

Listen to our interview with “Piper” Director, Alan Barillaro about how he crafted the beautiful short (animation and the scoring process).
Alan Barillaro Piper Interview

As part of our latest Pixar Post Podcast episode (#48), we were lucky enough to sit down with Piper Director, Alan Barillaro and chat about his passion for crafting the film into the stunning work of art it is today.

We discussed the nuances of animating feathers by hand, using eyebrow rigs for waves, re-recording part of the score underwater, and having a little fear (in a good way) when working on a project. As involved as many of those things may sound, they all came together to form the adorable six-minute short film.

Piper short Behind the Scenes
Left to right around the table – Alan Barillaro, Erik Smitt, Ferdi Scheepers, Jason Deamer, Rich Horine & Sarah Reimers

We’re not the only ones that seem to have fallen for Piper either — when speaking with fans or other critics, we’ve only heard people utter “10-out-of-10” when asked what their rating would be. The number one comment is the film’s adorable lead character, Piper, followed quickly by the gorgeous visuals. Listen to our interview (posted below) as we chat with Alan and unpack many of the technical details and story elements that led to its final form.

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We begin our interview with Alan at 24:44 into the episode, but please enjoy the entire podcast as we review Finding Dory (the film and soundtrack), put Julie on the spot with some Dory and Nemo quizzes, and much more. 

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Along with the interview, we’re thrilled to share an exclusive set of behind-the-scenes images from the scoring session and more.

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