Mark Andrews, Dan Scanlon & Brian Fee Working on Three Original Pixar Projects?

Jim Morris was recently discussing the upcoming Pixar slate of films and noted several big updates.
Jim Morris Pixar Lamp
Pixar president, Jim Morris

At the end of January, Pixar’s President, Jim Morris, sat down with TimeOut to promote the February 4 theatrical release of The Good Dinosaur in Hong Kong. In addition to Jim’s comments regarding the production of The Good Dinosaur, the diversity at Pixar (and more), Jim also mentioned the upcoming pipeline of Pixar projects and included a few interesting notes.

“We have a bunch of confirmed titles. There’s Finding Dory later this year. We’re working on The Incredibles 2, Cars 3, and Toy Story 4. Dan Scanlon, who did Monsters University is working on an original film. Mark Andrews who directed Brave is working on one, too. We have a new director called Brian Phee [sic], who is working on a new movie, and we have a few shorts that are in the works. I can’t say much more than that or I’ll get in trouble!”

UPDATED: We have an updated post of upcoming Pixar films, which you can read here.

We know the release date for several of the upcoming Pixar projects, but Jim mentioned three original films. It was rumored for quite some time that Dan Scanlon may be directing Cars 3 (even IMDb has it noted as such – although IMDb has been known to be unreliable), but with the mention of Dan directing an original, that leaves Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 with unconfirmed directors (although everyone assumes Brad Bird will direct the latter).

Pixar Upcoming Films

In addition, Mark Andrews’ work on an upcoming film is great news as we’re excited to see his unique vision take shape in a new project. That being said, if Dan and Mark are working on original projects, those two films could potentially fill the two untitled release dates in 2020 shown in the image above (March 13 and June 19, 2020). But, what about the third original film Jim noted, and who is Brian Fee (the article misspelled Brian’s last name as Phee)?

Brian is a veteran story artist at Pixar and recently caught our eye as his name was added to the list of Pixar’s Senior Creative team in the Inside Out credits. That could have been an early indicator that Brian would be working on a project (as members are not usually included in this team until they are directors). Of course, all of this is speculation as we can’t be certain that all projects are original projects – so until we hear an official word, keep in mind that these things may change.

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