Pixar Minute – Awards, ‘Finding Dory’ Cereal & an ‘Inside Out’ Theme Park Ride?

In the latest episode of the Pixar Minute, check out some details about the Finding Dory cereal, the Inside Out Oscar nom and more.
Finding Dory Cereal

Welcome to the second installment of the Pixar Minute, where you can catch up on the latest Pixar news in just about a minute. This week we summarize the Inside Out Oscar nominations, chat about Inside Out‘s big win at the Critics Choice Awards (including the spark of an idea regarding an Inside Out theme park ride), and some additional details on the first Finding Dory product we’ve found in stores — Finding Dory cereal.

What we really enjoyed was seeing the note about the Marine Life Institute on the back of the box, highlighting what we believe is the slogan — Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release. Have you spotted any other Finding Dory merchandise in stores yet — leave a comment below or chat about it with other users in the Pixar Post Forum?

If you haven’t checked out our first Pixar Minute video, watch it here.

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