Go Inside The Recording Booth & Explore The Good Dinosaur’s Vocal Talent (Video)

Go inside the vocal booth with this wrap up The Good Dinosaur recording session.
The Good Dinosaur vocal cast

Pixar designers, sculptors, and character rigging artists (among many more artists) have crafted some of the most beloved characters in all of animation. A simple sketch on a pad of paper eventually grew to become a delusional space ranger, an inventive ant, and even a talking dinosaur.

As character designs are finalized, animators bring movement to the characters, and voice actors bring a special spark that ignites the character’s personality. 

In The Good Dinosaur, the vocal team brought to life several families of working-class dinosaurs, each with their own evolved set of skills. In the video below (Pixar Post YouTube), we edited the best moments from the actors’ in-studio b-roll footage — enjoy this peek into the vocal recording process for the film. 

‘Finding Dory’ Living Teaser Poster
Finding Dory D23 Logo Announcement

‘Finding Dory’ Living Teaser Poster

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The Good Dinosaur Hollywood Premiere (Video)
The Good Dinosaur Hollywood Premiere

The Good Dinosaur Hollywood Premiere (Video)

The Good Dinosaur saw its Hollywood premiere at the El Capitan Theater - watch a

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