Mychael Danna’s Sneak Peek of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Soundtrack

Mychael Danna shares images of the scoring process for The Good Dinosaur film.
Mychael Danna scores The Good Dinosaur soundtrack

Mychael Danna, the composer most well known for his ethereal score for Life of Pi (2012) has been welcomed into the Pixar fold this year by not only scoring The Good Dinosaur, but also the short film (Sanjay’s Super Team) which accompanies it in theaters.

The soundtrack for the film will release on November 20, 2015, but thanks to Mychael’s Instagram, you can get a few sneak peeks of the soundtrack before its release. In one of the video clips, we see a familiar scene as Arlo sends Spot soaring through the clouds as the sweeping strings, triumphant brass and other musicians record the song. The sense of freedom pairing the music and movie clip in this scene is undeniable.

It’s also great that you can get a sense of the timeline for recording as well – which between his first “day one” post to the “final day” recording was approximately six weeks.

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