Inside Out "Get To Know Your Emotion" Character Profiles

Sadness Inside Out Floor is Lava

All week long Yahoo Movies will be releasing exclusive Inside Out video clips highlighting each of the five emotion characters. Every day a new clip will focus on a particular emotion with footage from the film presented by the vocal talent. Kicking off the week was Sadness (voiced by Phyllis Smith) – who may make you want to”pull out your hanky and enjoy a good cry”. The minute-long clip includes new footage centered around the tearful character – we loved the “the floor is lava” clip.

While each of the emotions is distinctively different, Smith explains, “the one thing that the emotions all have in common is that they are all about taking care of you”. In addition to the Yahoo Movies clips, The Disney Channel is also featuring new Inside Out character profiles this week (watch the clips posted below or directly on our Pixar Post YouTube channel). Be sure to come back to this post all week as we’ll be updating all of the Yahoo and Disney Channel clips.

Updated May 12 – Yahoo! Movies “Fear” clip & “Sadness” Disney Channel clips added
Updated May 13 – Yahoo! Movies “Disgust” clip added
Updated May 14 – Yahoo! Movies “Anger” clip added
Updated May 15 – Yahoo! Movies “Joy” clip added

Disney Channel Character Profiles

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