Episode 031 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Our interview with Pixar Animator Aaron Hartline, News from ‘Inside Out’, ‘LAVA’, ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ and More

Pixar Post Podcast 031

In episode 031 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss a bevy of great Pixar news, but the great news is that this month’s Pixar Pipeline interview with Aaron Hartline served two purposes – to discuss the Animation department as well as his role as the Supervising Animator on LAVA. Below is a summary with time codes for your reference:

Pixar Post Website Updates

  • At the top of the episode we chat about the wrap-up of last month’s Book Club discussion of The Pixar Touch as well as the announcement of our next book, The Art of WALL•E. Be sure to check out more details on the Book Club page.

Pixar News

  • Starting at 4:09 into the podcast – we chat about the amazingly hilarious Toy Story That Time Forgot Sky Broadband commercial.
  • Starting at 13:40 into the podcast – we chat about the release of the Toy Story of TERROR! Blu-Ray and play our favorite clips from the vintage toy commercials (including a lot of laughter) – we even dig into the Pixar employees who worked on these three pieces. Finally, we cover the Partysaurus Rex director’s commentary which certainly tops the list as one of our favorite commentaries to date.
  • Starting at 28:00 into the podcast – we chat about the Inside Out sneak-peek that was released and cover our thoughts on our first glimpse at Riley.
  • Starting at 34:19 into the podcast – we chat about the first clip of LAVA which was recently released as well. We cover our thoughts on the song, visual elements as well as our anticipation for the entire short being released ahead of Inside Out.

Part Five of The Pixar Pipeline Project

  • Starting at 42:38 into the podcast – We are excited to bring our fifth interview as part of the Pixar Pipeline Project. The Project is a nine-part series of Pixar interviews which will allow us to follow the path of a Pixar movie through its journey from story to screen. 
  • Our fifth interview is with Aaron Hartline from Pixar’s animation department. We chat about everything from a day-in-the-life of an animator, to his work as the Supervising Animator on LAVA (with additional insights and details from the project).
  • Finally, we wrap up with a discussion on Aaron’s journey to Pixar as well as some amazing stories of inspiration and perseverance on getting into animation.
  • Like we mentioned in the podcast, we want to hear from you – did Aaron’s interview inspire you, did it make you think deeper about the career path you’re on? Let us know – send us an email (info@pixarpost.com) or leave us a voicemail and we may even play it on our next episode (voice mail line (415) 799-7678[POST]).

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