Breaking – Inside Out Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peek Coming Next Week [u]

Inside Out Concept Art at Disney World
Photo courtesy of WDW News Today

UPDATED – The behind-the-scenes video has now been posted to Disney Movies Anywhere – read our updated post for more details.

Breaking – Disney Movies Anywhere notified members to keep an eye out for the final week of the Pixar Summer Movies To Go promotion, but they also subtly mentioned that a “behind-the-scenes peek at Pixar’s latest, Inside Out,” would also be releasing somewhere between August 26 and September 1. We’re assuming it will launch on August 26 alongside the final Monsters University Pixar Summer Movies To Go promotion in which all Pixar movies will be priced at $14.99 USD each between the dates listed.

Inside Out Preview Disney Movies Anywhere
Disney Movies Anywhere promo mentioning Inside Out

It will be interesting to see what details are revealed within the Inside Out sneak peek, but we’re assuming that Director, Pete Docter, may do something similar to what Dan Scanlon did when he displayed concept artwork and covered the storyline for Monsters University highlighting brief moments of animation while introducing the main characters. Again, we don’t know for sure, but we’re speculating this will be similar.

Additionally, if you haven’t read our review of the Toy Story of TERROR! Blu-Ray, be sure to take a look at that post as we spotted what appears to be a piece of Inside Out concept artwork in the background as well.

Toy Story of Terror Inside Out Easter Egg
Toy Story of TERROR! Blu-Ray extra with potential Inside Out concept art.
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  1. Well, the good news is that you don't have to have an iOS device – you can also log into the Disney Movies Anywhere website! Now you can be excited again! 🙂

  2. So excited to see what this sneak peek will be! Usually \”sneak peek\” is the code name for teaser trailer. Too bad I don't have an iOS device. 🙁

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