‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ San Diego Comic-Con Panel Wrap-up – Premiering on December 2, 2014

Toy Story That Time Forgot Screencap

UPDATED July 25 – 10:00 AM – Inside the Magic has uploaded the entire SDCC panel discussion (minus the screening of the short) and we have added it to the bottom of this post. In addition, the folks at /Film and HitFix (UPDATED: Link removed, no longer active) have also updated articles with additional story details from the special as well.

As noted earlier in the week when the Toy Story That Time Forgot poster was released, today at 11:15 PM PST marks the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the upcoming holiday television special. Stay tuned to this post (by refreshing) as we’ll be updating it with news as it becomes available. Most importantly, we have learned that the special will air on ABC on December 2, 2014.

Moderated by composer Michael Giacchino, the hour-long session will feature Kevin McKidd (voice of Reptillus Maximus), Kristen Schall (voice of Trixie), Steve Purcell (director), Galyn Susman (executive producer), and Derek Thompson (head of story).

Toy Story That Time Forgot Mike Mignola SDCC Poster

Guests of the panel will receive a version of the Toy Story That Time poster and will also have an opportunity to have their poster signed at the ABC booth after the panel.

We’ll also be holding a Google On-Air Hangout this evening to chat about all the news from the event and get your thoughts on the story – click here for more details!

MouseInfo notes that “Rex and Trixie are captured by other dinosaurs called Battlesaurs“. Obviously, these are the dangerously delusional action figures that we’ve heard of before in the plot description.

FindingMickey tweeted an image of the Battlesaurs emblem.

Toy Story That Time Forgot Battlesaurs Logo

On Twitter, ElleCue mentions that the “Battlesaurs have eight-points of articulation each“. This must be one of their tag lines on their package!

What’s crazy, is that the Cleric pictured above from Stitch Kingdom looks so much like Skeksis character from The Dark Crystal.

Image courtesy of Absent Consciousness

Additional images below from Stitch Kindom’s Instagram page show some of the additional Battlesaurs.

FindingMickey also tweeted this image of the Elysian and Raptorian Guards

Toy Story That Time Forgot Raptorian Guard

Here’s a great still image from Stitch Kingdom showing an adorable reindeer Rex and a new character called Angel Kitty

Finding Mickey also tweeted another view from the short with the Cleric as well as Angel Kitty behind Trixie again.

Stitch Kingdom tweeted a hilarious note that says that it seems like Rex finally got what he always wanted for Christmas. That must be another dinosaur toy!

FindingMickey also tweeted this great image of Reptillus Maximus showing a ton of passion as it seems like he might be announcing Trixie into a battle.

According to MouseInfo, the short will be broken into three acts (must like Toy Story of TERROR! was) and took over three years to make (according to Stitch Kingdom) – with two of those years working on the story to get it just right.

As we originally speculated as well, Michael Giacchino will be composing the 30-minute special airing on December 2, 2014, on ABC.


Just like in Toy Story 3 when the toys first arrive at Sunnyside Daycare, the first thing I thought of when I heard that there would be a line of toys created by Disney Living was, “NEW TOYS“!

Inside The Magic posted a great photo of the toy lineup for the special. Additionally, FindingMickey also tweeted a closer image of the Goliathon toy.

The official ABC Twitter account also tweeted this image of the Toy Story That Time Forgot panel ready to sign the posters that were given to attendees of the panel.

UPDATED July 25, 10:00 AM – Below is the SDCC panel video as uploaded by Inside The Magic – check it out!

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  1. It premieres the same day as Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is being released, December 2nd will be a great day! But…. I will wait until the Spanish version premieres

  2. Hahaha so awesome! Thanks guys for gathering all the updates in one place!Something tells me that Ray-Gon is going to be a comic relief in this special. Reptillus Maximus and Goliathon remind me of Alpha and Gamma from Up 🙂

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