Toy Story That Time Forgot Poster Revealed

Toy Story That Time Forgot Mike Mignola SDCC Poster

Attendees of the upcoming Toy Story That Time Forgot first-look panel on July 24 at Comic-Con are in for a special treat. Guests will receive an official poster from Pixar’s second television special which they can also get autographed by Pixarians, Steve Purcell (Director), Galyn Susman (Executive producer), and Derek Thompson (head of story).

TVLine first shared the poster this afternoon and also reported that Michael Giacchino will be on hand to moderate the 1-hour panel session at Comic-Con. Does this imply that he will be scoring Toy Story That Time Forgotmuch like he did for Toy Story of TERROR!? We would certainly think so – why else would they ask him to moderate?

The edgy poster was created by the famed monster-loving, Mike Mignola, (who has a penchant for large black areas in his prints) certainly leads us to believe that the short may have a dark side with the perfectly placed humor that Pixar is known for. It also appears that the beloved and goofy Trixie may have been converted to become one of the dangerously delusional dinos (with her red eyes, red backplates, and the fact that she’s sporting the same chest symbol as the other four characters). (The chest plate must be from the line of toys they’re from.)

Original book cover for The Land That Time Forgot

The greenery popping out behind the lead dino-action figure in the new poster, Reptillus Maximus, really plays well into our expanding theory that this short will take inspiration from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Land That Time Forgot book (the first in a trilogy) which takes place inside of a lush, green island known as Caspak, which is full of dangerous dinosaurs and other terrifying natives.

What are your thoughts on the poster and the television special? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum post about the short. As a side note, thanks to forum users maxxie03 and TOM-4319 for uploading the image of the poster in the forum – you even beat us to our post!

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