Be on the Lookout for Easter Eggs in Toy Story of Terror – UPDATED

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Pixar never fails to give the audience a plethora of hidden items and references to find within their films and with the release of Toy Story of Terror (Pixar’s first 30-minute television special) we won’t be disappointed as a list of some of the easter eggs has been revealed.

UPDATED – after you read through the great easter eggs in this post, be sure to head over and read our review of Toy Story of Terror where we reveal even more hidden items that we spotted while watching the film!

Galyn Susman and Angus MacLane Pixar
Galyn Susman and Angus MacLane images © Pixar

This past week Hypable was able to both preview and interview producer, Galyn Susman, and director, Angus MacLane. During their discussion, MacLane explained how John Lasseter thought the original version of Toy Story of Terror was a little too scary, “But we’re glad it was that,” Susman added, “and that he didn’t say ‘it isn’t scary enough.’ Better to end up with something that’s too scary, because it’s easier to take away from something than have to figure out what to add.”

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Though Toy Story of Terror is a television short Pixar fanatics won’t be disappointed – as many of the feature film-type easter eggs will be hidden within the short film. As discussed on Hypable and on D23, a few of the easter eggs were revealed and though the short may have tamed down the spookiness, there is still a horror-film element to the easter eggs. The easter eggs and references you can expect to see will be:

  • The famed Pizza Planet Truck
  • References to The Good Dinosaur
  • In an article from D23, be sure to keep a lookout for the graveyard scene of the short and your eyes on the gravestones as they pay homage to deceased Pixar characters, such as Coral the clownfish (Finding Nemo), Gusteau (Ratatouille), and Simon J. Paladino “Gazerbeam” (The Incredibles) whose gravestone reads “A public servant with a unique vision”.
  • Be sure to spot the references from classic horror films such as The Shining (similar motel key like the one from the Overlook Hotel), Predator (with Combat Carl being voiced by Carl Weathers reprising a line from the movie, “over here, look over here) Night of the Living Dead (with the line, “I’m coming to get you, Betsy,” that compares to “I’m coming to get you Barbara”) and even has a reference to Silence of the Lambs.

The locations were revealed for both the Pizza Planet Truck and The Good Dinosaur reference – however, we decided not to include it prior to the airing as it’s always more fun to find it yourself. Although this list only includes three easter eggs, MacLane did mention to Hypable that the short will include more hidden items, so keep your eyes peeled on ABC at 8 PM EST when Toy Story of Terror premieres and let us know what you find!

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  1. There are two great Easter Eggs for those willing to hit the pause button. When Woody is sold on ebid, look who the package is sent to. Al's Toy Barn from TS2. The other is the license plate holder on Bonnie's car, a shout out to Pizza Planet. From the horror/scary movie side of things, the slash on the shower curtain reminds me of the logo to Jurassic Park. and the red curtain rod rings that Jessie pulls away has a Psycho vibe to them. Did you see any other Easter Eggs

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