Disney Infinity – Woody Character for Pre-Sale and Toy Box Details – UPDATED

Disney Infinity’s infinite possibilities of the Toy Box grew a little more today with the release of five new pre-built toy boxes ranging from racecourses to a fun side-scrolling adventure (à la Mario). Check out three of the five videos below and then download the free Toy Boxes on your console to start playing now.

Additionally, Walmart is now taking preorders for the Disney Infinity character, Woody, to be released on October 1. Of course, Woody will be available to play in the Toy Box as of October 1, but will also be able to be utilized in the Toy Story in Space playset also released in October (date not specified yet). 

UPDATED – our reader, Brian, has noted in the comments below that GameStop is also taking in-store pre-orders for the Woody character as well as the Toy Story in Space play set with a release date of October 22. The Toy Story in Space play set will be released with Buzz and Jessie in a two-pack, along with the hex game piece to enable the gameplay.

Disney Infinity Woody Figure

During the introductory Toy Box from the game, you also get a glimpse of Woody’s character in the game and I must say that we love the way they designed his run – it looks so authentic (check out our Vine video below).

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  1. Fantastic! That's great news on the play set! This is probably the most anticipated set that is going to be released (for me)! I am really excited to play as Buzz, Woody and Jessie!

  2. I actually didn't notice the \”Walmart Exclusive\”, so in that case, it may just be a different pose or something to that extent, since Toys 'R Us has an exclusive on the crystal figures. What leads me to believe it's just for early preordering though is when you search for it on Walmarts website, the description states: \”Preorder now! Available for early preorderexclusively at Wal-Mart.\” So it may just be a preorder exclusive. You can preorder it in the store too, I believe.Also, I've checked with a few more stores and can confirm that October 1st is the date scheduled for the Toy Story play set release. One more month!

  3. Hmmm, that's really interesting. Thanks for the update. We assumed it was a Walmart exclusive character since they have the text \”Walmart Exclusive\” right in the heading text of the Woody character. I guess you're right that Walmart must just have the exclusive rights to pre-order this online. That's weird. We'll update our post to note that it's not an exclusive figure and that it's just an exclusive opportunity to preorder the figure online.

  4. GameStop is actually allowing preorders of Woody and the Toy Story play set also, and they both are scheduled to be released on October 1st.Walmarts website says nothing regarding an exclusive time period, as apposed to GameStop mentioning a period of exclusivity for the Jack Skellington figure from 10/5-10/28. Since GameStop is also releasing the Woody figure on 10/1, do you think that Walmart has the \”exclusive\” for preordering, since the Woody figure doesn't appear on GameStop's website? (You can preorder in the store, however, because GameStop allow's preorders on all items in their system.) I know it isn't an exclusive figure like the ones Toys 'R Us have, since Walmart is saying \”get it first here…\”Any thoughts?

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