Episode 011 of The Pixar Post Podcast

Pixar Post Podcast episode 11

In episode 011 of the Pixar Post Podcast we discuss:

  • Highlights from the Monsters University Press Event at Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Listen to the entire class Anthropology 152: Monsterizing The World with Dice Tsutsumi (Shading/Light Art Director) and Robert Kondo (Sets Art Director).
  • Listen to our exclusive one-on-one interview with Robert Kondo to hear who makes the decision to place A-113 in each Pixar film and much more.
  • Listen to the entire Roundtable Discussion with Director Dan Scanlon.
  • The Monsters University Pixar Press Event Day One recap.
  • The Monsters University Pixar Press Event Day Two recap.
  • Our custom PartySaurus Rex’s California Adventure and our visit to Pixar Animation Studios, with our perception and experience as a guest of the studio. From the grounds to the culture, to those wacky offices — it was awe-inspiring.

During the Anthropology 152 course (and in our one-on-one interview), Robert Kondo discusses the trapezoid shape that the team used throughout the film to create weight and heft in the monster world. Below are a few photo examples of this shape in use throughout the film – as you can see, it really does ground the world and add to the depth of the film.

Monsters University Shape Design Podcast Episode 11

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  1. Hey Lauren,That's a great idea – maybe we'll have to do that. I think it would be a good idea after we wrap up the 3-part Monsters U series so we can answer any questions that still may be out there after the series is completed. Thanks again! Pixar Post – T.J.

  2. Have you ever thought of doing a live youtube video? Talking about and showing us they cool stuff you guys got at Pixar and more of what you did there?

  3. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! It really does make our day to hear that our listeners and readers are enjoying our content, so thank you! :)We really enjoyed recording this episode as it was fun to share the information from the Monsters University event with everyone. Our next episode will be released later this week with more MU info focusing on character development and if you enjoyed episode 11 – you'll LOVE episode 12! We can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.Thanks again! 🙂

  4. Excellent episode! Thank you for your hard work and sharing all this stuff with us! I can't wait for the next one! *jumps up and down*

  5. Thank you for your kind words Adam. We work really hard to provide a fun, informative podcast and website and it always warms our hearts to receive positive feedback, so thank you!Our next podcast will release this week and continues with more information from the Monsters University Press Event.Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much Milan! We are glad that you enjoyed it. We have two more podcasts coming up on the Monsters University Press Event series – the next one focusing on character development, which will release this week! We hope you enjoy it just as much.Thanks again!

  7. This is the best animation podcast and site out there! You guys have a dedication and class that no one else has. Can't wait for the next episode!

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