Monsters University Characters on Twitter

Monsters University on Twitter

Twitter and other various forms of social media have changed the way that we connect with each other in the “human” world and it only makes sense that it would be the same in the “monster” world. Various characters from the upcoming Monsters University film are now on Twitter exchanging their thoughts 140 characters at a time.

Monsters University on Twitter
Monsters University on Twitter

The entire OOZMA KAPPA and ROAR OMEGA ROAR brothers all have accounts along with Ms. SquibblesBrock Pearson, and Claire Wheeler. Be sure to follow along to see what hilarity ensues between this cast of characters!

UPDATE May 16, 2013: Here is the official list of Monsters University characters that you can follow:

Art – @DreamJournalArt
Scott “Squishy” Squibbles – @ScottSquibbles
Terry Perry – @Terry__Perry
Terri Perry – @Terri__Perry
Don Carlton – @Don_Carlton
Mike Wazowski – @MikeWazowskiMU
Sully – @SulleyMU
Ms. Squibbles – @MsSquibbles

ROAR OMEGA ROAR – @RoarOmegaRoar
Johnny Worthington III – @JWorthingtonIII
Chet Alexander – @ChetAlexanderMU
Javier Rios – @JavierRiosMU
Chip Goff – @ChipGoff
Randall Boggs – @RandallBoggsMU

Brock Pearson – @BrockPearsonMU
Claire Wheeler – @ClaireWheelerMU
Fungus – @FungusMU
George Sanderson – @GSandersonMU
Fear Tech – @Fear_Tech
StinkBats – @StinkBats 

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  1. PURE GENIUS and brilliant idea, you guys are awesome! Love the site and now all these twitter feeds. Great work!

  2. Thanks Armand! We are glad that you are enjoying these fun accounts – you never know what those monsters are going to say next! We're working on quite a few other Monsters University posts, podcasts and more so be sure to stay tuned!Thanks again 🙂

  3. This is the coolest form of viral marketing ever! Love the dialogue between the characters. Keep up the great work with the site, you guys are amazing!

  4. Thank you so much – we're glad you're enjoying the conversations!! Keep watching as their conversations will keep going through the film's release! 🙂

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