Pixar Artists’ Masterclass 2013 – New York 3 Day Event On Sale Now

Pixar New York VanArts Masterclass

Any of our readers (or podcast listeners) are most likely familiar with the fact that I frequently mention the Pixar Artists Masterclass that I attended in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. The great news is that the Masterclass is once again coming and although several of the international dates are already sold out (or close to being sold out), there are two locations that are set for the United States (New York and San Diego) for which you can still register. As of today, the dates for the New York stop have been updated and the course will run from June 14-16.

Wait, a three-day course in New York, I thought this was only a two-day course?

New York attendees are in for a special surprise as they are the only location on this year’s tour that will include an extra day of discussion on Character Design from Lead Production Designer, Ricky Nierva. Wow, I can tell you from my experience visiting last year’s two-day course that the amount of amazing information you receive is already jaw-dropping enough, but to have an extra day dedicated to a new topic is just amazing.

Registration just opened up moments ago for New York so be sure to sign up as soon as possible – I can also tell you that at the class I attended, they gave an autographed Art of Toy Story 3 book to the very first person that registered for the course online. I can’t guarantee that they’ll do this again, but if you’re thinking about going, register soon at this link.

Pixar New York VanArts Masterclass

Below are the dates for the 2013 courses and a high-level look at the curriculum for the New York stop (other stops, only review days two and three for curriculum details).

So, now that some of the initial details are out of the way, be sure to head to the Van Arts website by clicking here, to view additional details on the course and to register. Additionally, if you’d like to read my in-depth review of the course I attended in 2012, you can read that by clicking here.

As I mentioned, the course in San Diego, California does not have a date associated with it yet, but as soon as the class is available for registration, we’ll be sure to update our readers with that information.

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