Monsters University Japanese Trailer with a lot more footage

Monsters University Screencap

The Pixar Daily got wind of a trailer that was uploaded to YouTube of a Japanese Monsters University trailer that contains a ton more footage of the upcoming movie. You should skip the video if you’re avoiding spoilers, but it’s pretty cool to see the new footage.

In addition to all the new footage, it makes me wonder why they gave the slug larger and more prominent teeth?

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  1. Nice catch! You should also put an image of the other slug so people can look at the difference right away.

  2. Well I know that woman in Japan are now in a trend where it's cool to have crooked and big teeth but I don't know if that could be the exact reason why they would make the Snail's teeth larger. It could pose as a comedic punch for the men in Japan I suppose.

  3. I have heard of that as well and it did come to my mind – I just can't imagine the change was for that reason. Part of me is wondering if the first trailer just wasn't a finished version and this is a more updated release? Time will tell.

  4. I actually just noticed while watching Toy Story 3 that the postcard in Andy's room from Ellie and Carl that was in the trailer was switched to something else, unless it was just switched in the version I saw. I'm wondering what else has been tweaked in other Pixar films from the point between the release of the trailer to the release of the film, or even tweaked for DVD/Blu ray releases or for release in different countries…

  5. That's actually a great thought too! But I do think that the trailer for the U.S. that Disney released yesterday still had the original teeth, which makes me wonder even more. It seems a bit odd that Pixar would change animation just for a certain culture… but you are absolutely right 🙂 we shall see! And come June I don't think we'll even care about the trailers anymore ;D

  6. Hey Brian, That's an interesting thought – maybe that's something we'll have to eventually explore…the difference between the trailer and the movie – we have noticed a few of the tweaks as well! – T.J.

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